Frequently asked questions

  • I can't remember my user name/password
  • How do I find my match - simply enter all your personal information into your profile, the more accurate your profile the more likely you are to find your perfect match.
  • How does tradie start work - tradie start is a employment match making network for builders, tradesman, apprentices and labours, it's allows for potential candidates to be matched on geographical location, desired trade, education level, personal interests, business size and availability.
  • Do I need to be registered to find my match - yes, in order to use tradie start you must be registered.
  • Do I need a resume - No, you do not require a resume to complete your personal profile, however future employers may request to view your resume before committing to a tradie start.
  • Is there a limit to matches - no, you can accept as many matches are you like, the more matches the better your chances are of a tradie start.
  • Does my account expire? - no your account details will remain linked to your email address and not expire, your account can be disabled by adjusting your payment terms.
  • More questions to ask - send an email to